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Meet the Owner

For over 15 years, Rosemarie Markus has been helping her customers achieve their dreams by helping them design and construct the perfect building. She has completed over 120 building projects as a partner of Wick Buildings and is often honored by Wick for her building performance and customer satisfaction.

Her customers describe her as honest and hard-working, and she uses her experience to help make the building process easy. Don’t expect a lot of sales lingo and fluff – she prefers to tell it like it is.

Industry and Community Involvement

Rosemarie has a passion for horses and has been a lifelong member of the American Quarter Horse Association. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and interest with others at equine shows and exhibitions.



Keeping Rust Away

Galvanizing on the steel roof and sidewall panels is your first defense against rust and keeps your building attractive for long time. And the more galvanizing on your steel panels, the better!

Steel companies refer to the amount of galvanizing on steel by “G” level. The most common types used in non-coastal areas (no exposure to ocean/salt water) are G-40, G-60 and G-90. The number after the G is a relative amount of galvanizing applied to the steel. For example, G-90 steel would have twice the amount of galvanizing as G-45 steel. Some builders offer options, with G-60 being their standard for exterior steel and G-90 as an upgrade.

Keep in mind that G-90 has 50% more galvanizing than G-60 steel, and thus 50% more corrosion protection. Wick uses only G-90 for all exterior steel panels, and G-40 is used on interior liner panels.


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Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders